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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver skips to?
Green Camel are located in Meath and cover the county. Please contact us if you would like to confirm if we deliver skips to your area.

How will I know which is the most suitable skip size for my needs?
Green Camel offer a variety of skip sizes, with the most commonly requested size being the 6-yard skip. If you are unsure as to the size you need, please give us a call and we will be happy to advise you.

Would the skip be left in the road or can it be held on my property?
We can drop the skip in a location as convenient for you as possible, such as a driveway, front or back garden, depending on access. Green Camel introduced a new skip hoist in 2011 especially designed for dropping skips in smaller areas.

Are there any materials that I am not permitted to dispose of in the skip that I hire?
Due to the highly toxic nature of asbestos or other highly hazardous materials, these materials can only be disposed of in a specific manner. Please contact your local council for details on how to dispose of these products safely in your area.

What is the hire duration for a Green Camel skip?
The standard hire duration for a Green Camel skip is seven days. If you require it for longer, please advise at the time of booking.

When I am filling the skip, how high can I go with the skip content?
You should not go above the height of the skip with the content that you are disposing of, and so it is important that you choose a skip size sufficient for your requirements. As an overloaded skip can pose a danger during transit, Green Camel reserve the right to level off the height of the skip content if we deem it unsuitable for transporting.

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